Frequently Asked Questions

The most appropriate thing to do is to primarily locate their nest. Killing a few of them will only alert them to transfer to another area. You must call us so we can inspect your house thoroughly to provide you with an immediate solution to your problem.

You need to call a professional pest control company like us immediately so we can check the severity of ant infestation in your restaurant. Our treatments are eco-friendly and compliant.

Yes, we can. Our team is pleased to assist you. We offer several types of pest management services that ensure you will have a pest-free residence.

Generally, the products we used are safe and eco-friendly. Our termite treatment has a low toxicity level which is safe for everyone living in your house.

It is recommended to have your home treated once in a year. This is to prevent future pest infestation.

We will go to the property once everything is cleaned properly.

It’s not advisable to wash and clean all areas of your home after the treatment. It will eventually thin out the chemical barrier.

It depends on the area of your property and the severity of the infestation. Once we assess the damage, we can then provide you with the exact time of the treatment.

We request you to remove your pet bowls, toys, beddings, and more to mention from the room subject for treatment.

No. We only apply the gel to where insects lived such as crevices and hinges.

We use a nature-friendly and low toxic level pest control products. All are approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority in all local areas.

They can severely damage your wooden fixtures and slabs in a week or month if not detected early.

The most common signs are dropping, nests, scratching noises inside your walls, and chewed wirings, furniture, and holes.

If you are not seeing any pests it doesn’t mean that your property is not infested. To ensure that your property is safe, you must hire a specialist annually to inspect your property for a possible infestation. It’s better to take precautionary measures.

Yes, we do. You can rest assured that the chemicals we use are harmless to humans and pets. All of our products are environmentally friendly and have low toxicity levels.