How Much Does Pest Control Cost For Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are by far the most annoying and cumbersome pests that can infest human habitats and properties. Their infestation in any property can reduce the value of the property. It can also lead to numerous sleepless nights for the inhabitants of the property. Unfortunately, there is no magical tool that can control these pests from invading your properties. However, opting for regular Pest Control Services Melbourne can be extremely helpful in keeping these bloodsucking creatures out of your property. Know more about the costs involved in pest control for bed bugs.

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How Do Bed Bugs Enter Into Your Home?

Bed bugs are small and the size of an apple seed. They can enter your home through a variety of means including:

Airplanes – Bed bugs are known to travel through the vents, carpets and crevices in the plane to enter into the baggage of travellers.

Baggage – Baggage and suitcases may get infested with bed bugs already existing in the hotel or during travel. This is how they can get transported into couches, curtain folds, closets, upholstery etc.

Hotels – Hotels that have poor maintenance and cleanliness can also be responsible for the bed bug infestation experienced by guests.

Movie Theatres – These are hotspots for bed bugs and are prime places that can pass on infestations to unsuspecting viewers. The carpets, cushions and the insides of the seats provide bed bugs with favourable conditions to hide and breed in.

Other belongings – Mattresses, purses, clothing, sofas, books, second-hand objects etc. can help these pests in hiding and getting transported to homes and properties. Libraries, retail stores, schools, daycares etc. are also susceptible to bed bug infestations and transmission of the same into households. 

Features That Determine The Costs For Bed Bug Control Melbourne

Listed ahead are some features that are useful in determining the pest control costs involved in bed bug extermination from any property. Go through these features to get a better understanding of the aspects that help pest control businesses in designing the costs for the bed bug control services offered by them.

Size Of The Area

The size of the property also determines the final costs involved for pest control. The larger the size of the property, the more the chances of a bad infestation. If the size of the property is large, the bed bugs get bigger spaces to lay their eggs in. Hence controlling such an infestation becomes challenging and hence costlier.

Type of Products

The type of pest control products to be used for the extermination also decide the bed bug pest control costs. Whether the pest controllers have to apply bed bug-specific insecticides or chemicals also are the prime factor in deciding the cost of bed bug pest control.


The entire property needs to be inspected by the pest control team for finding out all the hideouts of bed bugs. The inspection has to be carried out not just for the bed bug-infested areas but also for the other adjacent areas in the house which again increases the pest control costs.

The Extent of Infestation

Properties that have a bed bug infestation on the higher side obviously would require specialized knowledge of pest control tools and better products for eliminating the infestation. This would naturally up the costs of the bed bug control service.

Is Professional Bed Bug Control Worth the Money?

Having bed bugs on your property can be a horrifying scenario since it is hard to get a full night’s sleep especially when you know how these bloodsucking creatures take over the minute you fall asleep! These pests not only damage your health but can also trigger health concerns due to a lack of proper sleep. However, the upside is that you have professional pest control services that can help eliminate these pests in a timely and effective manner. Read ahead to know whether the professional Bed Bug Control Services Melbourne services are effective enough and worth the money for eliminating bed bugs from your property: 

  1. Equipment & pest control product application

Pest control companies are better equipped in carrying out pest extermination for any type of pest that has invaded any property. They also have a relatively higher understanding of the chemicals and pesticides that would achieve the best results in eliminating bed bugs.

  1. A better idea for pest hideouts

Pest control specialists also have better tools and knowledge for looking through different places in the property that may have bed bug eggs and active bed bugs too. Places behind furniture, near bed frame, on mattresses, couch upholstery etc. are some common places that hide bed bugs. The professional pest control team can target such places and eliminate bed bugs existing in different stages from these hideouts efficiently without wasting time or resources.

  1. Prevent health threats and Damage

Professional pest control services can help rein in the bed bug invasion and save your family from any health concerns resulting from the infestation. It is easier for the pest controllers to look into the matter and avert any severe damage to health and property.

  1. Saves your time and money

Pest controllers can best assess the bed bug infestation and its intensity. Bringing them into the picture will save a lot of your time and money in the long run. They are aware of the best and most effective solutions needed for eliminating the bed bug population and their remains from your property. This saves the infestation also from being worsened or aggravated.

Australian homes have bed bug concerns which should be addressed with the help of a Pest Control Melbourne service provider. Likewise, the requirements of each property differ, and so the challenges faced by each property in its elimination and management differ too. As a result, quotations and estimates for bed bug control are better done locally and possibly following an inspection by a licenced and trained pest control specialist.