Tips To Be Safe From Spiders

The end of summer is a very interesting time because the temperature starts dropping and we like to spend more time outside. It’s also hibernation time for some of the pests. Because of spending more time outside, there are a lot more chances of infestation of uninvited crawling insects like spiders. So be careful when you are enjoying or working outdoors to enjoy charming weather. Most insects can cause serious health issues due to poison bites.

To prevent spider bites we will give you five tips that will help them to prevent the possible situation.

Spider Control


Spiders made webs in corners or near untouched areas. If you are going to start your outdoor activities first verify that there is no spiderweb in corners or untouched places. If you find a web then clean it carefully. It’s easy to remove when the spider is not present in it.

But removing spiderwebs didn’t solve your problem. Spiders move from these areas and made their home in new areas hidden from you. This will create more problems to control their population.

Be Aware Of Spiderwebs

If you didn’t find any web in corners or hiding places then it doesn’t mean that there will be no attack from the spider. They may be present but you are unable to detect their presence. Always keep moving your furniture and heavy items and check for signs of spiders and their egg sacks.

Spiders mostly perform their activities in the morning or at night. So plan outdoor work accordingly, preferably in the afternoon if there is not much hot outside.

Prefer To Wear Protective Clothes

If you want to prevent yourself from spider bites when working outside then prefer to wear protective clothes which include full-sleeve shirts, gloves, goggles, closed-toe shoes and pants.

Always put your pant in socks to prevent any opening. The most important thing always tilts and shake your shoes before wearing them because there are chances that a spider may hide inside your shoes when they are placed openly.

Use Tools To Remove

Not all spiders are poisonous but some are. Mostly there are chances if you disturb a spider it will not bite you but you should not take any chance because you didn’t know which one is poisonous. Always use tools to remove spiders from your locality. To avoid any unlikely situation always call a pest control operator when you see a spider in your area.

Natural Repellents For Spiders

Mostly you see chemicals used for repelling insects and pests but there are many natural repellent presents that are more effective to repel spiders. Some of the natural repellents used for insects and pests are eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil and peppermint oil

A simple method is to add some drops of one of these oils in water and spray it on your clothes and body. You can also spray this natural repellent solution on your premises and working areas. These are non-toxic for humans and nature friendly.

If you are unable to handle the situation by DIY method then waste no time in thinking and call a professional pest control company and ask them for services.