Top 5 Common Household Pests

Most of the time in your homes you face an issue where insects and rodents intervene in your routine life. Due to their strong-smelling power and flexible bodies, they reach everywhere where they find a small opening for their passage. The main issue is that you must control and restrict them to avoid heavy infestation.

Otherwise, they can cause significant damage to your infrastructure and health issues can also arise. But the problem is that no one agrees to spend money or give time to control this infestation. If you take timely action upon seeing the first evidence of the presence of these 5 top household pests, you can control them without wastage of too much money and the bulk of time.

Top 5 Common Household Pests

Ants Are Common Household Insect

Ants are common insects you can find mostly in your kitchens, stores, and bathrooms. You can find insects easily near food or water source if your house entrances have gaps or holes. A deficient population of insects are not harmful to you directly but it may irritate you. They can cause health issues by contaminating your food items.

When you see a single ant or very few of them, it’s an alarm for you. It means your walls, doors or windows have openings from where more insects or rodents can attack your house. So it’s time to take preventive action to avoid future infestation.

Cockroaches Presence

Cockroaches are mostly present in sewerage pipes or drains. If your drains are not covered properly they will come out and contaminate your house. They can be detected by dropping the same as rodents. Mostly when you switch on lights after some time you can see cockroaches roaming in your rooms searching for food. As you switch on the light they start running to hide.

Bedbugs Attack

These are small tiny bugs mostly found on mattresses, carpets and sofas. Their movement is very fast and mostly they can’t be detected with eyes because of hiding and fast movement. They bite humans and suck blood. So their presence can be noted if you see biting signs on your skin after sleep.

They didn’t enter your homes through cracks in walls or holes. They stick to your clothes or luggage when you go outside and enter your home with you. But once they enter you cant restrict their population. No DIY strategy can work on them and hinder their growth. Timely action can prevent you from this problem otherwise you have to discard your mattress’s carpets to get rid of them.

Rodents Invasion

Rodents’ invasion can be verified by their dropping and oil streaking along walls. They also bite, chew and tear off your packed foods from which you can verify their presence. Furthermore, if you hear something unusual these are rodents scrambling in walls.

If these signs are present then there is a rat or mouse and its presence confirms that your walls, doors or windows have some opening or your sewerage pipes are not covered properly. One rodent in the home is a clear indication of their heavy population. If you make your 1st line of defence stronger then they cant enter your house and cause damage.