What Is The Best Home Remedy To Kill Bed Bugs?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best home remedy to kill bed bugs will vary depending on the severity of the infestation, the type of bed bug, and your specific climate and environment.

However, some general tips that may help include utilising an insecticidal spray such as pyrethrum or permethrin; ridding your property of any items that could be host to bed bugs including furniture, clothes, and digital devices where bed bugs are found.

Despite being recognised for residing in warmer regions, bed bugs can establish themselves anywhere. And once they’ve made a home in your bedding or on your furnishings, getting them to leave becomes a struggle of a lifetime.

Bed bugs emerge from hidden areas and fiercely attack you as soon as you fall asleep. They continually nip at you. But they are respectful. You won’t feel the effects of their job until the next morning since the cylinders they use to pierce your skin and suck your blood are filled with a potent, transient painkiller. Above all these creatures are not discriminatory!

Thankfully, we have efficient home treatments for bed bugs, so you can finally say goodbye to them.

Bed Bug Control

Where Do They Originate?

Bed bugs are brought in from the outside, despite the fact that it appears as though they just arrive. You may acquire them while travelling to hotels, friends’ homes, or even through purchasing second-hand clothing or furniture, in addition to the physical outdoors.

If a neighbour who shares a wall with you detonates a bug explosion, it could be yet another source of an infestation. These bugs are far too intelligent to be trusted. When the poisonous fumes are emitted, they seek refuge, which is typically a neighbour’s home.

The bodies of these critters are quite flat. This also means that they can squeeze through almost undetectable holes and fractures.

Why Apply Home Treatments For Bed Bugs?

For the following reasons, using a natural strategy can be appealing to you:

  • It is affordable.
  • Instead of using harsh chemicals, you can take instant action.
  • The majority of our solutions make use of items you already have around the home, however, if you do need to make a purchase, it should only be a little amount of money.

Home Remedies For Bed Bug Control

Some helpful steps that may work for you include:


Use a strong vacuum and a strong hose attachment to suck those babies up. While fighting an infestation, you should definitely vacuum at least once every couple of days. Use the vacuum thoroughly, paying special attention to the bedding, sheets, and soft furnishings like sofas and plush chairs.

Discard the vacuum bag outdoors, far enough from your home as you can, after you’ve finished vacuuming.

Steam Cleaning

Another effective home remedy for treating bed bugs is steam cleaning. This method involves using high-temperature steam to clean areas where bed bugs are present. The heat of the steam will kill the bed bugs and they will be unable to reproduce. This is an effective way of reducing or eliminating an infestation without using any harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Steam cleaning is a solution for areas that the vacuum can’t get. The bedbugs and their eggs will drown in the warmth, and they will also perish if exposed to extreme temperatures. To prevent causing damage to your furniture, carefully follow the directions from pest control services Brisbane.

Hot Wash All Clothes And Bedding

Make sure the textiles can withstand hot water and quick drying by checking the labels. After that, wash everything that came into contact with these creatures. The colony will be eliminated thanks to the hot water and drier heat combination.

Clean Thoroughly Before Bringing In New Furniture Or Belongings

Before bringing anything new into your home, clean everything carefully using a combination of hot water and detergent or dishwashing liquid. Make sure every nook and cranny is cleaned out before moving on to anything else in the home.

Diatomaceous Earth

This solution works wonders on all bugs, including fleas. It is created from finely ground sedimentary rock that is found in nature. Sprinkle it all over the flooring and in crevices and cracks to use it effectively. The fine powder contains microscopic shards that kill insects, but it can take a minimum of ten days for it to start working.

Despite how appealing that might sound, we advise against placing it on your mattress. The reason is that despite being minuscule, such shards can harm your lungs by entering them.

Make Sure Your Mattresses And Box Springs Are Treated

Specially treated mattresses and box springs are another important way to prevent bed bugs from entering your home. They will have a pesticide applied to them which will kill any existing bedbugs and make it difficult for them to enter in the future.

Over-The-Counter Pyrethrum Products

Pyrethrum is a natural product that can be used to treat bed bugs. It is available over the counter and is often mixed with a carrier oil such as olive oil or cocoa butter to make a topical treatment. These treatments are effective in killing bed bug populations, however, do not work on all species.

Top Tips

When employing the above-mentioned cures, the following additional advice can be followed as suggested by pest control Brisbane:

  • Treating all areas of your home including cracks and crevices.
  • Taking measures to keep clutter from being accessible to the bed bugs such as hiding suitcases in the basement until they can be properly treated
  • Using registered foggers that are specifically labelled for insects such as bed bugs.
  • Several Brisbane pest control services can help you find a solution specific to your needs.


If you ignore a situation like the bed bugs wandering around your home, it can develop into a much worse infestation, which would cost you even more to eradicate.

Simply set up bed bug baits around your mattress and contact Bright Pest Control for bed bug extermination. Before the pest control service, our knowledgeable specialists will provide you with few tips over the phone or via email. Don’t miss a step, and pay close attention to the instructions.

You can ask the specialist any follow-up questions you may have after the treatment if you want more details about the service.