What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Besides Spraying?

One of the most bothersome insects that exist is the bed bug. They live in the spaces between blankets and mattresses and bite humans while they sleep at night. Although they don’t spread diseases, they can nevertheless be uncomfortable because of stings and allergic reactions.

We wish to share with you the top remedies for getting rid of bed bugs in this blog. Although these pest control Perth treatments are generally successful, they are not as potent as chemical spraying.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Besides Spraying

What Are Bed Bugs’ Hideouts?

The bed is where these pesky critters prefer to hide. The most frequent locations include the space under the mattress, the box spring, the headboards, the mattress, and even the actual sheets. The gaps in mattresses are bed bugs’ preferred habitat. They can also be found in floor or wall crevices.

Old furniture, worn-out clothing, electrical outlets, as well as the closet are additional hiding places.

Bed Bug Infestation: Signs To Look For

A person won’t notice a bed insect moving up their wall at the start of an infestation. Most people only start to worry about these pesky creatures when they wake up with one or more bites on their legs or arm.

  • The first indication that something is wrong is those bites. There are a few other indicators that individuals can look for to determine if they are the cause of the enigmatic bites.
  • Take a look at a mattress’ seams. Look in every mattress crevice. There will be more indications if bed bugs are present. The most obvious indicator is the insect itself, although initially, it’s not so simple.
  • Another tell-tale symptom is the presence of tiny black specks in the mattress fissures that resemble dirt. They piss there. If you believe the mattress is simply soiled as a result of foot traffic on the bed, etc., vacuum it up and come back in a few days. Bed bugs are present if there are additional black dots and bites.

Ways To Control Bed Bug Infestation

It’s time to start fighting now that you know what you’re up against. There are numerous approaches to getting rid of bed bugs. The ideal approach is to become familiar with the various approaches and blend them all.

Place every fabric in the dryer

Remove from infested rooms all clothing, bed linens, curtains, etc., and dry them all. They’ll perish after one whole cycle in the dryer. But be careful not to overload the drier. Do fewer loads because if there are too many garments in the drier, the heat won’t reach them all and won’t kill them.

Apply rubbing alcohol

This is a fantastic spot remedy. A bed bug will be promptly killed by alcohol on contact.

  • Grab a sizable jar of pure rubbing alcohol.
  • Wear a mask as the scent can be rather intense and use it to access the awkward spaces.
  • For instance, they can conceal themselves deep into the couch, out of the reach of the vacuum. Rubbish alcohol poured into certain locations can instantly destroy any bed bugs present.
  • You will see a significant difference if you do this every day for two weeks.


During this process, your vacuum is going to be your most reliable buddy. It’s a quick and efficient technique to ingest bugs, even the nearly invisible young ones.

  • Vacuum the whole surface of the bed after removing the covers and sheets, including the sides and the underside.
  • Dry the sheets after that, then replace them on the bed. Every few days, repeat this procedure.
  • In the same way, vacuum all of the furniture in the house, including the sofas, armchairs, other mattresses, etc.
  • When finished, dump the contents into a plastic bag, tie it up so that they can’t escape, and throw the bag in the trash.

Employ bed covers

Because they can’t get over the concept that the bed bugs are still in the mattress, some individuals find bed coverings repulsive, although these covers are also an excellent prophylactic tool. Put on a plastic cover after cleaning the bed to prevent the mattress from becoming re-infested.

Seal and conceal cracks

Bedbugs are incredibly intelligent. They lurk in cracks and crevices during the day and come out at night to feed. Use sealing tape to fill up any cracks and fissures in furniture and walls.

By doing this, the areas where bedbugs can shelter and reproduce will be reduced.


One of the most effective treatments for bedbug eradication is vinegar. It is the perfect emergency home cure because most individuals have it in their houses. It should, however, be used in addition to the other home cures on this list.

The eggs of bed bugs are not killed by vinegar, even though it can kill them by harming their neurological systems. So, make sure to vacuum and heed the above advice before misting it with vinegar.

Spritz furniture and floor crevices to get rid of bed bugs’ favourite hiding places. Vinegar should be liberally applied to the bed’s edges and underneath furniture. You can directly apply vinegar to bed bugs if you can see them. In this manner, even if they try to flee, the vinegar will catch them.

Request Professional Assistance

You should seek professional pest control Baldivis assistance if you want to guarantee that the bed bug infestation in your home is eradicated.

There are reputable pest control services Perth that can sprinkle your home with approved treatments to get rid of bed bugs. These substances, when dispersed, eliminate all the bed bugs, making your house safe to sleep in. The greatest method for eliminating bed bugs from the entire house is this.

However, you must take precautions in advance, which include relocating furniture, covering the mattress, and securing your valuables and devices. There must be a follow-up application after two weeks because the initial application might have left some bed bug larvae behind.


Employing pest control services for bed bug infestation would be the wisest option. However, make sure the Perth pest control services company you are employing has experience dealing with bed bugs. This will help ensure that they have a good understanding of how to deal with these pests and can get the job done quickly and effectively.

At Bright Pest Control our technicians utilise the latest methods to safely get rid of theses critters. Contact us right away to know more about our bed bug control services in Perth.